Chapters 16-19 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Who does Jane draw portraits of?
  2. What is the purpose of the two portraits?
  3. Describe Blanche Ingram.
  4. Why isn’t Jane jealous of Blanche?
  5. How does Blanche treat Adèle?
  6. How do the guests treat Jane?
  7. What game do Mr. Rochester and the guests play?
  8. What is Blanche’s reaction after hearing her fortune?
  9. Who is the gipsy woman?
  10. What is Mr. Rochester’s reaction to hearing that Mr. Mason has arrived?

Quiz Answers

  1. Jane draws one portrait of herself and one of what she imagines Miss Ingram to look like.
  2. Jane draws two portraits to remind herself that Mr. Rochester would never be interested in her—not when the beautiful Miss Ingram is available.
  3. Blanche Ingram is very beautiful, though Jane observes that she is not very genuine.
  4. Jane is not jealous of Blanche because she sees that Mr. Rochester does not actually love her.
  5. Blanche is quite cruel toward Adèle and often disparages her or orders her from the room.
  6. The guests largely ignore Jane, though Blanche and her mother are often quite rude to her, such as when they loudly criticize governesses in front of her.
  7. The guests and Mr. Rochester play charades.
  8. Blanche returns from hearing her fortune in a noticeably bad mood and suggests that the gipsy woman should be put in the stocks.
  9. Jane discovers that the gipsy woman is really Mr. Rochester in disguise.
  10. Mr. Rochester turns white and appears extremely frightened when Jane mentions Mr. Mason’s arrival.

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