Chapters 11-15 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Who is Mrs. Fairfax and what does Jane misunderstand about her?
  2. Who is Adèle?
  3. Describe Jane’s life at Thornfield before the arrival of Mr. Rochester.
  4. When does Jane first encounter Mr. Rochester?
  5. How does Jane reply when Mr. Rochester asks whether she finds him handsome?
  6. Who is Céline Varens?
  7. How does Jane feel about Thornfield after Mr. Rochester’s arrival?
  8. What causes Jane to awaken in the middle of the night?
  9. Who does Jane suspect may be responsible for the fire?
  10. What is Mr. Rochester’s response to the fire?

Quiz Answers

  1. Mrs. Fairfax is the housekeeper at Thornfield, and Jane initially mistakes her for the owner of Thornfield.
  2. Adèle Varens is Jane’s young pupil and Mr. Rochester’s ward. She is under ten years old and speaks primarily French. Jane later learns that Adèle’s mother was Mr. Rochester’s former lover.
  3. Jane feels comfortable at Thornfield and enjoys her routine and the company of Mrs. Fairfax and Adèle. Despite her comfort, Jane begins to feel bored and restless.
  4. Jane first encounters Mr. Rochester when she witnesses him fall off his horse on her way to deliver a letter.
  5. Jane replies quickly and honestly that she does not think Mr. Rochester is handsome.
  6. Céline Varens is Adèle’s mother and Mr. Rochester’s former lover. He reveals that she did not truly care about him and was only deceiving him so that he would pay for her extravagant lifestyle.
  7. With the arrival of Mr. Rochester, life at Thornfield is no longer boring for Jane. She greatly appreciates and enjoys his presence.
  8. Jane hears sounds from the hallway and then hears a vague scratching on her door as if someone is feeling their way down the hallway.
  9. Having heard her distinctive laugh in the hallway, Jane suspects that Grace Poole may be involved in the fire.
  10. Mr. Rochester commands Jane not to tell anyone about what she saw or heard and then sincerely thanks her for saving his life.

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