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Chapter 34-35 Questions and Answers

Quiz Questions

  1. What does Jane learn about Miss Oliver from St. John?
  2. Why does St. John ask Jane to stop studying German?
  3. What is St. John like to study with?
  4. Why does Jane break down and cry during one of her lessons with St. John?
  5. Why does St. John propose to Jane?
  6. Under what conditions will Jane go to India?
  7. Why does Jane not want to marry St. John?
  8. Why does St. John not accept Jane’s conditions?
  9. What does Diana think about St. John’s proposal?
  10. What causes Jane to reject St. John’s final proposal?

Quiz Answers

  1. St. John tells Jane that Miss Oliver is engaged to be married to another man.
  2. St. John asks Jane to abandon German and study “Hindostanee” with him instead in order to help prepare him for his journey to India.
  3. Jane finds St. John to be a very stern and exacting person to study with.
  4. Jane was excited to...

(The entire section is 314 words.)