Chapter 32-33 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. Why is Jane invited to the Olivers’ house?
  2. Why is Mr. Oliver supportive of a match between his daughter and St. John?
  3. Why doesn’t St. John want to marry Miss Oliver?
  4. What odd thing does St. John do before leaving Jane’s cottage?
  5. Who has been looking for Jane Eyre?
  6. How much money does Jane inherit?
  7. How is Jane related to the Rivers family?
  8. Why didn’t St. John want to reveal why he was contacted by Mr. Briggs?
  9. How did St. John discover Jane’s true identity?
  10. What does Jane insist upon doing with her inheritance?

Quiz Answers

  1. Jane is invited to the Olivers’ house after she draws a beautiful portrait of Miss Oliver.
  2. Though the Rivers family has no money, Mr. Oliver considers them a great and respectable family since they used to own most of the town.
  3. St. John admits that he loves Miss Oliver, but he tells Jane that she would make a terrible missionary’s wife.
  4. St. John tears a tiny piece off a spare scrap of paper after appearing very interested in it. Jane thinks this behavior is very odd.
  5. It turns out that Mr. Briggs has been searching for Jane Eyre to inform her that her uncle has died and left her his fortune.
  6. Jane inherits twenty thousand pounds—making her a wealthy heiress.
  7. Jane’s father is the brother of the Rivers’ mother, making Jane their cousin.
  8. St. John is reluctant to reveal that Mr. Briggs contacted him because that means explaining to Jane that they are cousins, a task he feels is better suited to his sisters.
  9. St. John was already suspicious that Jane Elliot might be Jane Eyre, and his suspicions were confirmed when he spied “Jane Eyre” written on a scrap of paper in her cottage.
  10. Jane insists that her inheritance be split between the cousins. Each of them eventually receives five thousand pounds.

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