Chapters 1-3 Questions and Answers

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Quiz Questions

  1. How is Jane related to the Reeds?
  2. What book does Jane choose to read?
  3. Why does John hit Jane?
  4. Why is Jane afraid of the red-room?
  5. What causes Jane to faint?
  6. How does Bessie treat Jane after her punishment in the red-room?
  7. Who is Mr. Lloyd?
  8. Why does Jane want to go to school?
  9. What does Jane overhear about her parents?
  10. What do Bessie and Miss Abbot say about Jane’s appearance?

Quiz Answers

  1. Jane is Mrs. Reed’s niece and a cousin to John, Eliza, and Georgiana.
  2. Jane reads Bewick’s History of British Birds.
  3. John hits Jane for touching and reading “his” books.
  4. Mr. Reed (Jane’s uncle) died in the red-room and it has rarely been used since.
  5. Jane imagines that Mr. Reed’s ghost is about to appear, causing her to faint in terror.
  6. Bessie is unusually kind to Jane, singing her a song, giving her a special treat, and bringing Jane her favorite book.
  7. Mr. Lloyd is the local apothecary who is called in to examine Jane after she faints.
  8. Jane is excited about all the skills she would learn at school but is even more excited to get away from Gateshead.
  9. Jane overhears that her mother was disinherited for marrying her father, who was a poor clergyman. They both died of typhus when Jane was an infant.
  10. Bessie and Miss Abbot say that Jane would garner more sympathy if she were a beautiful child like her cousin Georgiana.

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