What announcement does Miss Temple make about Jane Eyre after hearing from Mr. Lloyd?

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After Mr. Lloyd confirms Jane's account of events at Gateshead, Miss Temple assembles the students and staff at Lowood and publicly declares that Jane is innocent of the accusations against her.

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In the seventh chapter of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre, the titular character is a new student at Lowood. She had hoped for a fresh start and a happy life at school, but those hopes are quickly dashed when Mr. Brocklehurst visits Lowood and tells all of the students and faculty that Jane is a deceitful liar. He makes her stand on a stool and instructs everyone to shun her. Jane is devastated and believes everyone at school hates her.

Miss Temple is one of the few people at Lowood to show Jane kindness. In chapter eight, she listens with an open mind as Jane tells her side of the story and recounts her life at Gateshead and the abuse she suffered at the hands of her aunt and cousins.

Miss Temple writes to Mr. Lloyd for confirmation of Jane's claims. She tells Jane that her name will be cleared if Mr. Lloyd corroborates her story.

When Miss Temple receives written verification of Jane's account from Mr. Lloyd, she gathers everyone at Lowood and publicly announces that Jane is innocent of the accusations against her.

No longer preoccupied with her tarnished reputation, Jane is now able to focus on her school work and excels in her studies.

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