Describe the teachers at Lowood in Jane Eyre.

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The teachers at Lowood in Jane Eyre range from downright evil to pleasant and caring. On the evil end of the spectrum, we have the school's manager, Mr. Brocklehurst, and Miss Scatcherd. Nicer staff members include Miss Temple, Madame Pierrot, Miss Smith, and Miss Miller.

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The staff at Lowood are a bit of a mixed bunch, with kind teachers in positions of authority appearing to be rather thin on the ground. The school's manager, Mr. Brocklehurst, is cruel and hypocritical and is later found to be embezzling school funds. He seems to derive joy from making little girls miserable. Under his "care," students are often cold, do not get enough to eat, and are regularly reminded of their supposedly sinful nature.

Miss Temple, on the other hand, treats the girls with kindness and respect. As the superintendent of Lowood, she is a maternal figure, and she goes out of her way to establish the truth behind the allegations of Jane being a liar. She encourages Jane to do her best and provides comfort for Helen in her final moments.

Another teacher to whom we are introduced is Miss Scatcherd, who teaches history and grammar. She is described as "hasty" and as a person one needs to take care not to offend. She is the kind of teacher who sends a child out of her class and goes out of her way to humiliate that child, ordering her to stand "in the middle of the large schoolroom." She is unpleasant, critical, and at times violent, feeling it appropriate to strike a student on the neck with a bunch of twigs.

Madame Pierrot, the French teacher, is introduced as "not a bad sort of person." We later learn that Jane had "made a point" of having conversations with Madame Pierrot, which tells us that she was the type of teacher who truly wanted her students to do well.

Miss Smith, with her "red cheeks," is the teacher who assists the students in making their own clothing. She takes an interest in Jane and takes the time to ask whether she knew how to stitch and knit.

Miss Miller is another teacher at Lowood, who greets Jane when she first arrives at the school. She is described as "ordinary," "ruddy in complexion," and as someone who always appears to be in a hurry.

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