Suggested Essay Topics

Chapters I – III
1. Discuss how Jane’s passionate nature is established.

2. Characterize Mrs. Reed, John Reed, Eliza, and Georgiana.

3. Explain first-person narrative, and why it might be beneficial to the story.

4. Discuss one, or more, of the themes that Brontë has established so far.

5. Explore the symbols that Brontë uses to enhance the story.

Chapters IV – VI
1. Contrast the attitudes and behavior of Miss Temple and Miss Scatcherd.

2. Compare Jane’s treatment at Gateshead Hall and at the Lowood School.

3. Discuss examples of Jane’s passionate nature.

4. Explain how Brontë uses Helen Burns as a symbol of Christian goodness.

5. Describe a typical day at Lowood School.

Chapters VII – X
1. Characterize Mr. Brocklehurst; include a physical description.

2. Describe the deathbed scene between Helen Burns and Jane. Explain Helen’s philosophy.

3. Discuss Jane’s behavior after Miss Temple reveals that she is not a liar.

4. Discuss Jane’s need for a change after spending eight years at Lowood.

Chapters XI – XV
1. Compare the environment at Thornfield Hall to the Lowood School.

2. Examine how Jane has come to the rescue of Mr. Rochester.

3. Explain how the mysterious laugh...

(The entire section is 601 words.)