Jane Eyre Sample Essay Outlines
by Charlotte Brontë

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Sample Essay Outlines

  • Topic #1

    Choose one or more aspects of Charlotte Brontë’s life and discuss how she transferred these facts into fiction in Jane Eyre.

    I. Thesis Statement: Many aspects and experiences of Charlotte Brontë’s life can be seen in Jane Eyre’s life.
    A. Background of Victorian England
    l. Views on child rearing
    2. Roles for woman

    II. Charlotte Brontë’s Early Life
    A. Daughters of the Clergy School at Cowan Bridge
    1. Harsh treatment
    2. Death of sisters Maria and Elizabeth
    B. Lowood School
    1. Harsh treatment
    2. Death of Helen Burns

    III. Education
    A. Charlotte’s work as a teacher and governess
    1. Roe Head
    B. Jane’s work as a teacher and governess
    1. Thornfield Hall

    IV. Romantic hero
    A. Charlotte and Constantin Heger
    B. Jane and Rochester

  • Topic #2

    Examine Charlotte Brontë’s religious background, and how she presented her Christian values through the novel Jane Eyre.

    I. Thesis Statement: Charlotte Brontë’s religious beliefs and Christian values were represented by a variety of characters in the novel Jane Eyre.

    II. Introduction
    A. Religion in Victorian England
    B. Charlotte Brontë’s religious background
    1. Her parents
    2. Her education

    III. Characters
    A. As seen through Jane’s eyes
    1. Mrs. Reed
    2. Mr. Brocklehurst
    3. St. John Rivers
    4. Helen Burns
    5. Miss Temple
    6. Mr. Rochester
    B. Jane’s Christian values for herself
    1. Her moral beliefs
    2. Her integrity
    3. Her reliance on God to give her strength

  • Topic #3

    Jane’s sense of self is evident from the very first time we meet her. Discuss her independent actions.

    I. Thesis Statement: Throughout her life, Jane Eyre makes a determined effort to adhere to her strong sense of self and independence.

    II. Early life
    A. Gateshead Hall
    1. The Red Room
    2. Her verbal attacks at Mrs. Reed
    3. Her honesty to Mr. Brocklehurst
    B. Lowood...

(The entire section is 440 words.)