Jane Brody’s Good Food Book

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

JANE BRODY’S GOOD FOOD BOOK: LIVING THE HIGH-CARBOHYDRATE WAY is divided into two sections. The first is a discussion of high carbohydrate nutrition, and the second is a cookbook with recipes which emphasize the use of carbohydrates. Brody shows that what may be called “new nutrition” is really only the diet that early man utilized out of necessity. The author continues by describing a variety of carbohydrates: potatoes, grains, pasta, beans, sprouts, nuts and seeds, and vegetables and fruits.

General information on each food group is included with a glossary describing each individual item. For example, adzuki beans are high in protein, popular in Japan, and presently sold in health food stores in the United States. A recipe for potato-bean patties that uses adzuki beans is included in the cookbook section.

A chapter on weight control gives excellent suggestions on how to lose weight even when eating out and traveling. For those who are not familiar with kitchens and cooking, a few chapters are devoted to kitchen equipment, shopping, cooking efficiently, and yields, equivalents, and measurements.

The cookbook section contains recipes for drinks, soups, entrees, vegetables, breads, cookies, and desserts. Many of the recipes are unusual (sardine salad with broccoli, bulgur beef balls and wholesome brownies), but all have been personally tested by the author and her family, which includes two sons. Some of the recipes have been published in other cookbooks or magazines; these sources are identified in the introductions to individual recipes, which also include preparation tips. The last chapter includes sample menus by season.

This is a very readable, well-researched book with recipes which are good and which will encourage a healthful diet. Nutrition, like any science, is constantly evolving, and Brody guarantees that a new edition will be necessary. Readers are urged to send her healthful recipes which may be included in future editions.