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What impact did Jamestown have on American history?

Expert Answers

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Jamestown was important as it was the first permanent English settlement in America. Prior to the establishment of Jamestown there'd been a number of false starts, and for one reason or another none of the previous English settlements had managed to get off the ground.

At first, Jamestown itself had more than its fair share of troubles, such as ice cold winters, food shortages, disease, and regular attacks from native tribes. The settlement also struggled to turn a profit in its first few years. It was only after John Rolfe began cultivating the tobacco crop that the settlement was able to thrive and expand.

The success of Jamestown sent a clear message back home that the American colonies could be prosperous and successful. This encouraged more English settlers to make the perilous voyage across the Atlantic to seek their fortunes in this strange and exciting new land.

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