James VI of Scotland and I of England Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

The Essayes of a Prentise, in the Divine Art of Poesie (essays, poetry, and translations) 1584

Ane Frutfull Meditation Contening ane Plane and Facill Expositioun of ye 7.8.9 and 10 Versis of the 20 Chap. of the Revelatioun in Forme of ane Sermon (essays) 1588

Ane Meditatioun upon the xxv., xxvi., xxvii., xxviii., and xxix. Verses of the xv. Chapt. of the First Buke of the Chronicles of the Kingis (essays) 1589

His Maiesties Poeticall Exercises at Vacant Houres (poetry) 1591

Daemonologie, in Forme of a Dialogue, Divided into Three Bookes (nonfiction) 1597

The True Lawe of Free Monarchies: or The Reciprock and Mutuall Dutie Betwixt a Free King, and His Naturall Subjectes (nonfiction) 1598

Basilikon Doron: Devided into Three Books (nonfiction) 1599; revised 1603

A Counter-Blaste to Tobacco (essay) 1604

Triplici Nodo, Triplex Cuneus. Or, An Apologie for the Oath of Allegiance, against the Two Breves of Pope Paulus Quintus, and the Late Letter of Cardinal Bellarmine to G. Blackwel, the Arch-priest (nonfiction) 1607

Declaration du Serenissimie Roy Jacques I. Roy de la Grand' Bretaigne France et Irlande, Defenseur de la Foy. Pour le droit des rois & independance de leurs Couronnes, contre la Harangue de L'Illustrissime Cardinal du...

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