James, Sr., Henry Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Letters on Theron and Aspasio: Addressed to the Author [editor] (letters) 1838

Remarks on the Apostolic Gospel (treatise) 1840

What Constitutes the State? A Lecture Delivered before the Young Men's Association of the City of Albany (lecture) 1846

Tracts for the New Times, No. 1, Letter to a Sweden-borgian (letter) 1847

Love in the Phalanstery [translator; from Les Amours au Phalanstère by Victor Hennequin, 1847] (treatise) 1849

Moralism and Christianity; or, Man's Experience and Destiny (treatise) 1850

Lectures and Miscellanies (lectures) 1852

Love, Marriage, and Divorce, A Discussion between Henry James, Horace Greeley, and Stephen Pearl Andrews 1853

The Church of Christ Not an Ecclesiasticism: A Letter of Remonstrance to a Member of the Soi-Disant New Church (letter) 1854, revised edition, 1856

The Nature of Evil, Considered in a Letter to the Reverend Edward Beecher, D.D., Author of "The Conflict of the Ages " (letter) 1855

Christianity, the Logic of Creation (treatise) 1857

The Social Significance of Our Institutions: An Oration Delivered by Request of the Citizens of Newport, R.I., July 4, 1861 (speech) 1861

The Old and New Theology, Two Lectures; and the Church of Christ Not an Ecclesiasticism. A Letter of Remonstrance to a Member of the Soi-Distant New Church (letter and lectures) 1861

Substance and Shadow; or, Morality and Religion in Their Relation to Life: An Essay upon the Physics of Creation (essay) 1863, revised edition, 1866

The Secret of Swedenborg: Being an Elucidation of His Doctrine of the Divine Natural Humanity (treatise) 1869

Society the Redeemed Form of Man, and the Earnest of God's Omnipotence in Human Nature: Affirmed in Letters to a Friend (treatise and letters) 1879

Spiritual Creation (essay) 1882

The Literary Remains of the Late Henry James (essays, treatises) [edited by William James] 1884

Love, Marriage, and Divorce. A Discussion between Henry James, Horace Greeley, and Stephen Pearl Andrews. Including the Final Replies of Mr. Andrews. Rejected by the New York Tribune, and a Subsequent Discussion, Occurring Twenty Years Later, between Mr. James and Mr. Andrews 1889

Morality and the Perfect Life: A Republication of a Lecture by the Late Henry James (lecture) 1906

Henry James, Senior: A Selection of His Writings (letters, essays, treatises) 1974