James March Merrill

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Principal Works

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Jim's Book: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories (poetry and short stories) 1942
The Black Swan, and Other Poems (poetry) 1946
First Poems (poetry) 1951
The Bait (drama) 1953
Short Stories (poetry) 1954
A Birthday Cake for David (poetry) 1955
The Immortal Husband (drama) 1955
The Seraglio (novel) 1957
The Country of a Thousand Years of Peace, and Other Poems (poetry) 1959; revised edition, 1970
Selected Poems (poetry) 1961
Water Street (poetry) 1962
The Thousand and Second Night (poetry) 1963
The (Diblos) Notebook (novel) 1965
Violent Pastoral (poetry) 1965
Nights and Days (poetry) 1966
The Fire Screen (poetry) 1969
Braving the Elements (poetry) 1972
Two Poems: "From the Cupola" and "The Summer People" (poetry) 1972
Yannina (poetry) 1973
The Yellow Pages: 59 Poems (poetry) 1974
Divine Comedies (poetry) 1976
Metamorphosis of 741 (poetry) 1977
Mirabell: Books of Number (poetry) 1978
Ideas, etc. (poetry) 1980
Scripts for the Pageant (poetry) 1980
The Changing Light at Sandover (poetry) 1982
From the Cutting Room Floor (poetry) 1982
From the First Nine: Poems 1947–1976 (poetry) 1982
Marbled Paper (poetry) 1982
Peter (poetry) 1982
Santorini: Stopping the Leak (poetry) 1982
Bronze (poetry) 1984
Occasions and Inscriptions (poetry) 1984
Play of Light (poetry) 1984
Rendezvous (poetry) 1984
Souvenirs (poetry) 1984
Late Settings (poetry) 1985
The Image Maker (drama) 1986
Recitative (prose) 1986
The Inner Room (poetry) 1988
A Different Person: A Memoir (memoir) 1993
Selected Poems (poetry) 1993
A Scattering of Salts (poetry) 1995

∗This work contains "The Book of Ephraim" from Divine Comedies, all of the poems in both Mirabell: Books of Number and Scripts for the Pageant, and an original epilogue, "Coda: The Higher Keys."

†This work was edited by J. D. McClatchy.

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