James Kirkup

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What is the summary of the poem "No men are foreign" by James Kirkup?

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This poem is about all men being brothers -- that all people are essentially the same.

First stanza:

  • All people are the same beneath their uniforms/clothes.
  • All walk on the same kind of land and will all be buried in it.
  • All are fed by the harvest and the harvests are ruined by war

Second stanza:

  • Our hands are the same and we all do the same work.
  • They sleep and wake as we do.
  • Love is strong enough to conquer all people -- all people are the same

Third stanza:

  • When we are told to hate others, it's ourselves we are hating.

Fourth stanza:

  • When we fight each other, we are defiling the earth we all live on and the air we all breathe.


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