James Gibbons Huneker Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Byrne, Norman T. "James Gibbons Huneker." Scribner's Magazine LXXI, No. 3 (March 1922): 300-03.

Profiles Huneker, concluding that his "chief value lies … not in his works, which with the exception of the study of Chopin will probably be forgotten comparatively soon, but in his having, in the freshness of his method, paraded before the American public his ideas on an art of which they were all but totally ignorant."

DeCasseres, Benjamin. James Gibbons Huneker. New York: Joseph Lawren, 1925, 62 p.

Laudatory, impressionistic survey of Huneker's works, with a bibliography of primary and secondary sources.

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