James De Mille Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Andy O'Hara [published anonymously] (novel) 1861

The Martyr of the Catacombs: A Tale of Ancient Rome [published anonymously] (novel) 1865

Helena's Household: A Tale of Rome in the First Century [published anonymously] (novel) 1867

The “B. O. W. C.”: A Book for Boys (novel) 1869

Cord and Creese (novel) 1869

The Dodge Club; or, Italy in 1859 (novel) 1869

The Cryptogram (novel) 1870

The Lady of the Ice (novel) 1870

Lost in the Fog (novel) 1870

The Boys of Grand Pré School (novel) 1871

Fire in the Woods (novel) 1871

The American Baron (novel) 1872

Among the Brigands (novel) 1872

A Comedy of Terrors (novel) 1872

Picked Up Adrift (novel) 1872

An Open Question (novel) 1873

The Seven Hills (novel) 1873

The Treasure of the Seas (novel) 1873

The Lily and the Cross: A Tale of Acadia (novel) 1874

The Living Link (novel) 1874

The Babes in the Wood: A Tragic Comedy. A Story of the Italian Revolution of 1848 (novel) 1875

The Early English Church: A Paper Read before the Church of England Institute (history) 1877

The Winged Lion; or, Stories of Venice (novel) 1877

A Castle in Spain (novel) 1878

The Elements of Rhetoric (handbook) 1878

A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder [published anonymously] (novel) 1888