James D(ouglas) Forman Lore Segal - Essay

Lore Segal

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

["Horses of Anger"] is an extraordinary book to have been written for the young reader. It is uncompromising in the difficulty of its vocabulary, the integrity and complexity of its historical facts, and the gruesomeness of its detail.

The hero of "Horses of Anger"" is a German boy, Hans Amann. Hans is inducted into that pathetic army of schoolboys whose task it was to fight a war the Third Reich had lost….

The virtue of this book lies in its avoidance of oversimplification, false drama, heroics. Nazism is shown, not as the massive entity of total horror which it was possible to see from the outside at the time, and which it is impossible even for the Germans to miss now, looking...

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