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(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Published under the name J. Marks, the early works of Jamake Highwater include Rock and Other Four Letter Words (1968) and Mick Jagger: The Singer, Not the Song (1973). Moonsong Lullaby (1981), relating the importance of the moon in American Indian culture, is a tale for young children. Highwater also published books on Native American painting, artists, and history through art as well as on Native American dance and ceremonies. Other book-length publications include five editions of Europe Under Twenty-five: A Young Person’s Guide (1971) and Indian America: A Cultural and Travel Guide (1975). This latter book, the first Fodor’s guide on American Indians, is important as not only a guide for tourists but also a study of the history and cultures of American Indians. Highwater also wrote short fiction, magazine articles, and scripts for television shows.

Highwater published the nonfiction work The Language of Vision: Meditations on Myth and Metaphor in 1994. Songs for the Seasons (1995) is a children’s book in which Highwater tells a tale of two red-tailed hawks. He interprets the lifestyle changes facing the hawks during different seasons. Illustrations in the book are by Sandra Speidel. The Mythology of Transgression: Homosexuality as Metaphor (1997) is a weighty essay focused on the homophobia of Western culture.