Other literary forms

(World Poets and Poetry)

Among the prose works of Jall al-Dn Rm (REW-mee), a collection of transcribed talks titled Fh m fhi (early 1200’s; Discourses of Rumi, 1961) deserves special mention. While in its spiritual messages and reflections this book is no less dense and subtle than The Mathnav of Jallu’ddn Rm, its free and informal prose style—in its original Persian as well as in the English translation by A. J. Arberry—provides a suitable introduction to the poet’s teachings. A book of correspondences (Maktubt, 1335; Letters, 1983) and a collection of seven sermons, Majles-e Sab’a (1315-1319; Seven Sessions, 1983), are also attributed to Rm.