Jacques-Yves Cousteau

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[Three Adventures: Galápagos, Titicaca, The Blue Holes] is the account of three unrelated trips by Cousteau and his film crew to the Galápagos, the Andes and British Honduras…. The account is interesting, but the quality of the writing varies greatly; many sections are sadly prosaic. Sometimes the translation limps; for example, in a description of the habits of a crab (which, like most crabs, is a scavenger) found in the Galápagos…. Overall, the information presented in the book is scanty and superficial, and the general quality of writing is unimaginative. Each time the author seems just on the verge of describing or explaining some natural event in detail, he veers off to another scene…. The spectacular photography will be enjoyed by junior high and older students, the text may be enjoyed as a travelogue, but the book provides no more than minimal information about the natural history of the areas visited. (pp. 32-3)

A review of "Three Adventures: Galápagos, Titicaca, The Blue Holes," in Science Books, Vol. X, No. 1, May, 1974, pp. 32-3.

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