Betty Minemier

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The 20-volume set, The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau, is Grolier's answer to increasing demands for authoritative, attractive, accessible materials on the newest "big science"—oceanography.

Oceanography, or Cousteau's preference, marine science, is not new, but recent interests and efforts by governments and industries equate it with the space and atomic sciences.

Ocean World popularizes marine information, stresses causes and concerns about pollution, could affect every curricular area, and should stimulate students' interests in marine-related careers….

A remarkable reference achievement, The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau should prove both valuable and very popular in libraries, classrooms, and science centers.

Betty Minemier, in a review of "The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau," in Instructor, Vol. LXXXIV, No. 7, March, 1975, p. 125.


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