Jacques Ferron Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)


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Laudatory review of Tales from the Uncertain Country.

―――――――. "Living in the Midst of Death." Saturday Night 89, No. 2 (February 1974): 32.

Argues that in Dr. Cotnoir Ferron "furnishes us with the essence of Quebec. It is an experience at once scintillating and depressing."

Bednarski, Betty. "Jacques Ferron (1921–1985)." Canadian Literature, No. 107 (Winter 1985): 193-95.

Tribute to Ferron in which Bednarski remarks on Ferron's reputation and the links between his works and politics.

Brick, No. 16 (Fall 1982): 4-47.

Special issue on Ferron containing a brief introductory note, translations of several stories, and a bibliography of other works available in translation.

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Compares Callaghan and Ferron, focusing on Ferron's The Penniless Redeemer. Ellenwood concludes that both authors evoke a world "where sin and redemption have meaning, where manifestations of good and evil walk abroad, where … the word ceases to be an abstraction and is made flesh."

Stuewe, Paul. Review of Selected Tales of Jacques Ferron, by Jacques Ferron. Books in Canada 13, No. 10 (December 1984): 28.

Favorable review in which Stuewe states that in Selected Tales "one will find everything from surreal farces to slice-of-life vignettes to fabulist myths."