Jacobean Drama Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

Beaumont, Francis, and Fletcher, John
The Woman Hater c.1606
Love's Cure, or The Martial Maid c.1607
Philaster, or Love Lies a-Bleeding c.1609
The Coxcomb c.1609
The Captain c.1611
Cupid's Revenge c.1611
A King and No King c.1611
The Maid's Tragedy c.1611
The Scornful Lady c. 1615
Thierry and Theodoret [with Philip Massinger] c.1615
Beggars' Bush [with Massinger] c.1615
Love's Pilgrimage c.1616

Chapman, George
Bussy d'Ambois 1604
Eastward Ho [with Ben Jonson and John Marston] 1604-05
The Widow's Tears 1604-05
The Conspiracy and Tragedy of Charles, Duke of Byron 1607-08
The Revenge of Bussy d'Ambois 1610-11
The Tragedy of Chabot, Admiral of France 1613

Dekker, Thomas
The Honest Whore [with Thomas Middleton] 1604
Westward Ho [with John Webster] 1604
Northward Ho [with Webster] 1605
The Whore of Babylon 1605-06
The Roaring Girl, or Moll Cutpurse 1611
If This Be Not a Good Play, the Devil Is in It 1611
The Virgin Martir, A Tragedie [with Philip Massinger] 1620
The Witch of Edmonton [with William Rowley and John Ford] 1621

*Ford, John
The Broken Heart 1633
Love's Sacrifice 1633
'Tis Pity She's a Whore...

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