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1. In her Newbery Medal acceptance speech, Paterson states that she had to violate one of her own rules to write Jacob Have I Loved: "I have always sworn that I would never write a book in the first person. It is too limiting, too egotistical. And yet, the book refused any voice but Louise's." What do you think Paterson means by saying that first-person narration is too limiting, too egotistical? How does Paterson overcome these difficulties by using Louise's retrospective first-person narration?

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2. Write a paper that explores the use of symbols, such as Rass Island or the island crabs, in Jacob I Have Loved.

3. Psychologists and professionals concerned with child behavior are interested in the behavior of twins. After reading some material on the subject, discuss the positive and negative effects of being a twin, and the portrayal of twins in Jacob Have I Loved.

4. Define the relationship between Louise and her grandmother, who share the same name. How are they alike? How are they different? What does Louise begin to learn about herself as she understands more about her grandmother?

5. The rest of Rass Island, and sometimes even the Captain himself, consider the Captain a coward—yet Call, Louise, and Caroline are each attracted to him. How do the children deal with Captain Wallace's reputation? How does he become a mentor to each child?

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