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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

The primary character in Jack of Newbery, is, of course, Jack himself. His full name is Jack Winchcomb, but Jack of Newbery is another name he has and is just as valid. He becomes wealthy when he takes over for his master’s wife in her weaving business. He himself is a weaver, and at one point in the story, he even gets a company of men to help fight against Scotland on behalf of Henry VIII. This is when King Henry offers to make him a knight, but Jack declines since he’s content to be a weaver.

The other most important character besides Jack that you’ll likely want to write about in your assignment, is his first wife. She is actually the wife of Jack’s master when he started out as an apprentice weaver. After her husband dies, she turns to Jack for help, which is how they end up getting married. She actually tricks him into it.

Other important characters in the story include the young woman Jack marries after his first wife dies. Then there’s Henry VIII of England, who plays a minor role in the story, as well as his wife Queen Catherine. You can also write about Joan, one of Jack’s workers who gets pulled into a scheme to scare off an Italian man.

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