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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Jack of Newbery is a book written by Thomas Deloney in the 1590s. Your write-up of the story will likely focus on the titular character’s time as an apprentice weaver, and what occurs after that point.

The story follows Jack as he weds the wife of his master after he dies. This is done in a comical way since the woman initially just asks Jack for advice, including about a man she met and how to get him to marry her. The man, of course, turns out to be Jack himself.

He takes over her cloth business and even helps it to expand and thrive. He does so well that Henry VIII actually offers to knight him, though he declines. There is a part that focuses on the marriage, since there is some awkwardness due to the fact that Jack used to be the servant of the woman he married—but now he is in charge, as the man in the marriage. It’s resolved, however, and it is smooth sailing for a while until the woman dies and Jack eventually remarries.

There are also many side stories about the antics of Jack’s workers, such as a woman named Joan, who helps to trick an Italian man into going to bed with a pig.

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