Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. What was the design of the Snark? Draw a picture of it or build a model replica.

2. What were American attitudes toward divorced people at the time London divorced his first wife?

3. Draw a map of London's journey to the Klondike. Where was his cabin?

4. What was the history of socialism in America during London's lifetime? What would make it initially attractive to London? What would make him disgusted with it, to the point that he would quit socialism?

5. Why did the working class violently not revolt against their employers, something London wanted to happen?

6. Why did London's Valley of the Moon neighbors not like him?

7. Why does Alcoholics Anonymous recommend John Barleycorn for reading? What makes the book important?

8. London joined a march of men to a protest in Washington, D.C. What were they protesting? How was the march organized? What did it achieve?

9. Why was London dismayed by what he saw while sailing among South Pacific islands? What is the history behind what he saw?

10. Write an account of a typical day for London, telling about what he did from the moment he awoke to the moment he went to sleep for the night.

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