Jack Kerouac Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Jack Kerouac Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Jack Kerouac described himself as “a great rememberer redeeming life from darkness” and fondly recalled moments when he had “the quiet opportunity to remember my own mind.” In one sense, the Beat movement itself issued from his memory. In his June, 1959, Playboy essay “The Origins of the Beat Generation,” Kerouac claimed that the guts of the Beats had come from his ancestors—the independent Breton nobles who fought against the Latin French; his grandfather, Jean-Baptiste Kerouac, who used to defy God to put out his kerosene lamp during a thunderstorm; his father, who used to give such loud parties that the Lowell police came for drinks—and from his own childhood, peopled with the Shadow, the Moon Man, and...

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