Chapter 33 Summary

Locksley's lieutenant Allan-a-Dale has missed the action at Torquilstone, having been away on an ambush of Prior Aymer. The terrified abbot is outraged at having been abducted, pointing out that his fancy cut lace has been torn. He has been robbed of his portable property, and Allan-a-Dale demands a ransom in addition. Locksley expresses astonishment that Allan-a-Dale would mistreat a man of the church, but he advises that he pay the ransom or else the priory will need a new prior. Aymer fails to claim a degree of safety as a priest, so he appeals to Locksley as a lusty woodsman by demonstrating his proficiency on a hunting horn. Locksley adds to his ransom as a penalty for blowing like a Norman.

One of the outlaws then...

(The entire section is 638 words.)