Chapter 27 Summary

Urfried guides Cedric into a small room, locks the door, and makes him admit that he, like she, is a Saxon. She declares that she will soon be dead, and she wants to tell a fellow Saxon the story of her unhappy life. She tells him that she was the daughter of Torquil. Cedric is appalled that the hag was once the girl he knew as Ulrica, and tells her that he is the son of her father's friend Hereward. She wonders why Cedric of Rotherwood is dressed as a priest, and he wonders why she is alive and in her own castle when all the rest of her family were killed. Ulrica confesses that she became the paramour of her father's murderer.

Cedric tells her that she was believed to have died with the rest of her family and that she...

(The entire section is 739 words.)