Chapter 22 Summary

Isaac is in the dungeon, deep under the castle. The chamber is damp and dark, and he has a skeleton for company. There is a large, rusty fire grill at one end of the room. Isaac's initial terror has subsided and he is considering his situation. He has been in similar peril before and escaped, and he has the pride and courage to resist his tormentors. Isaac contrives a cushion out of his cloak and sits calmly awaiting the next move.

At last, Front-de-Boeuf arrives in the dungeon accompanied by Sir Brian's eastern slaves. The slaves carry bags and a basket and are dressed for hard, messy work, and the noble locks the door. Front-de-Boeuf's face is marked by his vicious nature, and his eyes freeze Isaac with fear. As Isaac...

(The entire section is 522 words.)