Chapter 20 Summary

Locksley has guided Wamba and Gurth three hours through the forest to a place where others of the outlaws' band are gathered. Locksley asks his sentinels the whereabouts of some of his lieutenants and orders the mustering of as many men as can be found while he goes to collect the friar from his hermitage.

It is Locksley, with Wamba and Gurth, who knock on the door of the Clerk of Copmanhurst in the middle of his revels with the Black Knight. Gurth has heard of the clerk, who is said to have digested half the deer in the forest. Before answering the door, the monk advises the knight to put on his helmet and join him in singing the De profundis clamavi to drown out the sound of mugs and plates being hidden...

(The entire section is 562 words.)