Chapter 13 Summary

Wilfrid, knight of Ivanhoe, takes his name from the fiefdom, or barony, assigned to him by King Richard, which in his absence has been given to Front-de-Boeuf by Prince John. De Bracy notes that Front-de-Boeuf had better prepare to return Ivanhoe to its previous owner. John's followers are quick to support the prince's right to reassign the properties of the crusaders, but John is uneasy about the return of one of Richard's devoted (and dangerous) minions.

Fitzurse assures John that Ivanhoe is fatally wounded and has been carried off by his friends, presumably by Cedric and Rowena. John asks for information about Rowena, and discovering that she is a wealthy landowner, he offers her to De Bracy—being underage, Rowena...

(The entire section is 621 words.)