Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


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Critical biography of Goncharov designed to "provide an introduction to the life and work of this undeservedly neglected writer."


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Comprehensive study of Goncharov's career and works, highlighting stylistic and structural elements of his writings as they relate to the understanding of his oeuvre.

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Examines Goncharov's novel Oblomov, particularly the all-consuming lethargy, or "oblomovism," of its title character.

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Examines the artistic method of Goncharov's novels and evaluates the place of these works in European literature.

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Investigates Goncharov's works as examples of Russian literary conservatism.

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Contrasts the figure of Ilya Ilyich Oblomov with that of Faust, arguing that the former is a manifestation of Freud's death instinct.

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Praises Oblomov and Goncharov's portrait of its title character as "the sublime sluggard and absentee."

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Evaluates Goncharov's literary style, especially his emphasis on the portrayal of character.

Additional coverage of Goncharov's life and career is contained in the following source published by Gale Research: Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, Vol. 1.