Italo Calvino Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Italo Calvino Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

The anti-Fascist Resistance was the impetus for Italo Calvino’s first novel, as it was for a generation of Italian neorealists, who believed that literature should be dedicated, as Calvino asserted in the 1950’s, to “political engagement,” to “social battle.” In a slightly different way, the Resistance shaped the later Calvino. As the postwar period brought on disillusionment with power politics, Resistance writers had to find new directions. “What I did not want to renounce,” wrote Calvino in 1960, “was [the] epic adventurous grasp, the combination of physical and moral strength” of the literature that the Resistance inspired. Daily life having failed to provide such “images full ofenergy,” Calvino turned...

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