The Italian Characters

The main characters in The Italian include Vincentio di Vivaldi, Ellena di Rosalba, and the Marchesa di Vivaldi.

  • Vincentio di Vivaldi is a young Neapolitan nobleman who falls in love with Ellena di Rosalba and sets out to rescue and marry her.
  • Ellena di Rosalba is a young woman of apparently humble origin, whom Vivaldi’s mother has kidnapped and arrested in order to prevent her marriage to Vivaldi.
  • The Marchesa di Vivaldi is Vincentio di Vivaldi’s scheming mother, who conspires with the sinister monk Schedoni, her confessor.


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  • Vincentio di Vivaldi: The main protagonist of the story is a lovestruck nobleman of Naples. Despite his parents' objections, Vincentio is determined to do whatever it takes to be with the woman he loves.
  • Ellena di Rosalba: The young woman who is the love interest of Vincentio. Due to an abduction and sinister plot by Vincentio's mother, her marriage to Vincentio gets delayed until the end of the story.
  • The marchesa di Vivaldi: The mother of Vincentio—she plots with a monk to stop the wedding by murdering Ellena.
  • The marchese di Vivaldi: This is the father of Vincentio. Although he is against Vincentio's decision to marry Ellena, he does care deeply for his son and would not go to such extremes as his wife to prevent the marriage from happening.
  • Schedoni: This is a former count who murdered his brother. He takes the guise of a monk and serves as the marchesa di Vivaldi's confessor.
  • Sister Olivia: This is a nun who befriends Ellena when she is brought to a convent. She is later revealed to be the former countess di Bruno, Ellena's long-lost mother.
  • Signora Bianchi: Ellena's elderly guardian and aunt.
  • Paulo Mendrico: Vincentio's loyal servant who helps his master on his journey.
  • Bonorma: Vincentio's friend who accompanies him when Vincentio is visited by a ghostly figure.
  • Beatrice: The servant of Signora and Ellena that resides at Villa Altieri.
  • Ansaldo di Rovalli: The grand penitentiary of the Black Penitents.
  • Brother Jeronimo: A monk bribed by Vincentio to help him rescue Ellena.
  • Spalatro: The assassin hired by Schedoni to kill his brother.
  • Father Nicola: A monk who gathers evidence against Schedoni for the Inquisition.

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