Italian Romanticism Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

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Endeavors "to present the basic ideas governing literary romanticism in Italy" by examining the theoretical writings of its adherents.

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Discusses music in relation to the philosophical theories of Giuseppe Mazzini, and as the romantic art par excellence.

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Considers the new worldview expounded by the Italian Romantics in light of the theoretical work of Francesco Arcangeli and the poetry of Ugo Foscolo.

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Explores Giacomo Leopardi's aesthetic of the sublime and analyzes his poem "L'Infinito" (1819) as "a self-conscious demonstration of lyric transcendence."

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Chronological examination of the major figures in nineteenth-century Italian literature.

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Compares William Wordsworth's "The Solitary Reaper" with Leopardi's "Il passero solitario" in order to define the Romantic mode of representation.

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Traces developments in the Romantic theory of creativity through the work of four major figures of nineteenth-century English and Italian poetry.

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A social, political, and cultural history of nineteenth-century Italy.

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Critical analysis of Mazzini's political, literary, and theoretical writings.

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Investigates Leopardi's literary theory and poetic style.

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Analyzes the importance of classical archaeology to the Italian Romantic imagination.

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Includes a discussion of Alessandro Manzoni's contribution to the historical novel and to the Romantic movement in Italy.