Islands in the Stream Part 1, Chapter 13 Summary

Ernest Hemingway

Part 1, Chapter 13 Summary

The next few days with Audrey present are enjoyable, without any sadness over the boys’ imminent departure. When the yacht and its passengers leave, Audrey takes a room at the hotel but spends most of her time at Thomas Hudson’s home and often sleeps on the porch or in the guest room.

Nothing is said about Roger and Audrey being in love. Roger informs Thomas Hudson that it seems Audrey is married. Her husband is “a son of a bitch,” but he is rich, which Thomas Hudson speculates is his sole nice side. Roger decides he does not want to talk about it.

Thomas Hudson asks Roger if he is going to write his book after all. Roger says he is, and he mentions that Audrey wants him to. When Thomas Hudson asks him if that is the reason he is going to write it, Roger tells him to “shove it.”

When Thomas Hudson offers him the use of his house in Cuba, Roger declines, saying that he would rather go West if Thomas Hudson will let him stay at his ranch. Thomas Hudson readily agrees. The cabin on the far end of the lake is available even though the rest of the ranch is rented out.

The boys take Audrey fishing, which worries Thomas Hudson, but he knows that Roger and Eddie will watch out for them. Thomas Hudson stays at the house to work, painting a picture for Andy. He paints Andy catching a fish with the lighthouse in the background.

At the end of the boys’ stay, an amphibian plane comes to pick them up. They thank Thomas Hudson for the wonderful summer. Roger and Audrey are also on the dock, waving good-bye.

Thomas Hudson knows that Roger and Audrey will also be leaving soon. He asks Roger when he is leaving. Roger replies that he is leaving the next day. He has asked Fred Wilson to go back with him.

The next day, the farewell scene is repeated. Thomas Hudson kisses Audrey good-bye, and she returns his kiss. As she had cried when the boys left the day before, so she cries at her own departure. Thomas Hudson tells her to take care of Roger. She says she will try to. She thanks him for his kindness. Roger promises to write, and he promises that Audrey will write as well. When they have left, Thomas Hudson goes to Bobby’s. He and Bobby agree that it will be lonely, and they commiserate with each other.