Chapter 6 Summary

Kimki has been gone for one moon. Even on stormy days, someone watches the sea from the cliffs, hoping for their chief’s return. But spring came, and then summer, and there is no sign of Kimki. There had been little rain that winter, and now many of the villagers are fearful they will run out of fresh water. The springs had run low before, but now there is fear in the village. Matasaip, who is the chief since Kimki left, says they have more important things to worry about, as this is the time of year when the Aleuts came last year.

Watchers on the cliffs look for the red sails. Ghalas-at prepares to leave if the hunters arrive, for they will be unable to defend themselves. They store food and water in canoes placed at...

(The entire section is 560 words.)