Chapter 27 Summary

After the fierce winter storms come days with no wind, and it is hot and sultry on the island. On the final day of this weather, Karana takes the canoe and paddles around the reef to the sandy beach. It is a good thing she does not bring Rontu-Aru with her, as he does not like the heat and this day is the hottest of all. The air is shimmering with heat, and the sea shimmers with a red light. The gulls are not flying, the little crabs are deep in their holes, and the otters are quiet in the kelp. The wet sand is steaming in the heat.

Each spring, Karana must spread fresh pitch in the cracks in her canoe, so she drags it up the beach and works on this task all morning. When the sun is high, she crawls under her canoe for...

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