Chapter 22 Summary

That night Karana sleeps on the headland near her five baskets of belongings. She did not go back into her cave, and she did not take the necklace from the rocks. At dawn she hides on a brushy ledge near the spring and where she can observe the mouth of her cave. The sun is shining on the black necklace and Karana wants to go see if they will make two loops around her neck, but she stays where she is. She watches all morning; when the sun is high, Rontu barks and she hears steps below her. Tutok comes out of the brush, singing as she walks toward the cave. She stops and grows quiet when she notices the beads still lying on the rock.

As she is about to leave, Karana jumps to her feet and calls the girl’s name. She...

(The entire section is 658 words.)