Chapter 19 Summary

Every day during the spring, Karana and Rontu paddled through the sea caves looking for the giant devilfish; they found several others, but never the giant one. When summer comes she quits searching for him and begins to gather abalones for winter. She also gathers a few shellfish near the rocks at Coral Cove. Today the tide is low and the reef rises far above the water. Her canoe is nearly full and the day is windless, so she ties the canoe and climbs onto the reef, Rontu following, to find a fish to spear for their dinner.

With a sinew line and a hook made of abalone shell, she catches two large fish, gives one to Rontu, and gathers several purple urchins for dying as they walk back to the canoe. Rontu suddenly drops...

(The entire section is 990 words.)