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(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Isidora Aguirre began her literary career writing stories and novels for children. In 1954, she began concentrating on drama, for which she is best known. She has also written for the cinema. She collaborated on the script for Alsino and the Condor (1982; Alsino y el cóndor, 1983), a Chilean film made in Mexico under the direction of Miguel Littin, which received international acclaim.


(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Critics of the Chilean theater recognize Isidora Aguirre as one of the most important figures among a group of dramatists who appeared on the national scene during the 1950’s. The members of this group, known as the Generation of the 1950’s , had as a common characteristic the rejection of the old naturalistic models that had dominated (and continue to dominate) the Chilean theater since the beginning of the twentieth century. Seeking new forms of aesthetic expression, these dramatists came in contact with the latest theatrical innovations in Europe, which were quickly assimilated into their plays. Aguirre’s works reflect these new aesthetic tendencies. In thematic, formal, and technical aspects, as well as in her inclination toward realism and expressionism, Aguirre reveals a close link to the theater of Bertolt Brecht.

Aguirre’s plays have enjoyed great popularity in Chile, making her one of the best-known dramatists of recent decades. She has also gained critical acclaim and won various national awards. La población Esperanza received the Golden Laurel Prize in 1960. Aguirre was given the Santiago Municipal Prize twice, for Los papeleros in 1966 and Ranquil in 1972. Aguirre won honorable mention for Ranquil from the Casa de las Américas in 1969, the Catholic University’s Eugenio Dittborn award in 1983 for Lautaro, and the prestigious award Casa de las Américas in La Habana in 1987 for...

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(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

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