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Zena Sutherland

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There have been other books about fat children, but few have explored causes and reactions with as much depth and perception as [Dinah and the Green Fat Kingdom]…. [The end of the novel brings] a clearing of the air that promises better future relations, but Holland never promises Dinah a rose garden; she's lost only five pounds, there's been no change in the behavior of her peers, and the new parental rapport is a hopeful sign but not an unrealistic capitulation. The writing style is smooth, with good dialogue and excellent characterization; it is, however, in insight into motivations and relationships that the author excels.

Zena Sutherland, "New Titles for Children and Young People: 'Dinah and the Green Fat Kingdom'," in Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (reprinted by permission of The University of Chicago Press; © 1979 by the University of Chicago), Vol. 32, No. 8, April, 1979, p. 138.

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