Irving Howe Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

The U.A.W. and Walter Reuther (nonfiction) 1949
Sherwood Anderson (criticism) 1951
William Faulkner: A Critical Study (criticism) 1952; enlarged and revised editions, 1962 and 1975
A Treasury of Yiddish Stories [editor, with Eliezer Greenberg] (short stories) 1954
The American Communist Party: A Critical History, 1919–1957 [with Lewis Coser and Julius Jacobson] (history) 1957
Politics and the Novel (criticism) 1957
A World More Attractive: A View of Modern Literature and Politics (essays) 1963
Steady Work: Essays in the Politics of Democratic Radicalism, 1953–1966 (essays) 1966
The Radical Imagination: An Anthology from "Dissent" Magazine [editor] (essays) 1967
Thomas Hardy (criticism) 1967
A Treasury of Yiddish Poetry [editor, with Eliezer Greenberg] (poetry) 1969
Decline of the New (essays) 1970
Voices from the Yiddish [editor, with Eliezer Greenberg] (essays, memoirs, and diaries) 1972
The Critical Point: On Literature and Culture (essays) 1973
World of Our Fathers: The Journey of the Eastern European Jews to America and the Life They Found and Made [with Kenneth Libo] (history) 1976; also published as The Immigrant Jews of New York, 1881 to the Present, 1976
Ashes Out of Hope: Fiction by Soviet-Yiddish Writers [editor, with Eliezer Greenberg] (short stories) 1977
Leon Trotsky (biography) 1978; also published as Trotsky, 1978
Celebrations and Attacks: Thirty Years of Literary and Cultural Commentary (essays) 1979
How We Lived: A Documentary History of Immigrant Jews in America, 1880–1930 [editor, with Kenneth Libo] (nonfiction) 1979
A Margin of Hope: An Intellectual Autobiography (autobiography) 1982
Socialism and America (nonfiction) 1985
The American Newness: Culture and Politics in the Age of Emerson (nonfiction) 1986
Selected Writings 1950–1990 (essays) 1990
A Critic's Notebook (essays) 1994