The Irish Novel Aristocratic Irish And Anglo-Irish Novelists - Essay

Aristocratic Irish And Anglo-Irish Novelists

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Lewis Melville (essay date 1906)

SOURCE: "Charles Lever," The Fortnighty Review, Vol. CCCCLXXV, July 2, 1906, pp. 235-46.

[In the following essay, Melville asserts that while Charles Lever has been charged with sacrificing his characters in his attempts to amuse his readers, and while many Irish critics in particular fault Charles Lever for perpetuating cultural stereotypes in his novels, Lever's writing is characterized by his "easy humour and natural tenderness." Melville concludes that Lever's "rollicking, madcap stories" have earned "an honoured place in English literature."]

With just so much right as Scotsmen claim Sir Walter Scott as...

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