Invisible Man Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Ralph Ellison

Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Does the narrator have much choice other than to sit with the Vet and Crenshaw?

2. To whom does the narrator compare Crenshaw?

3. What changes does the Vet imagine when he thinks of the narrator’s life in Harlem?

4. How does the Vet feel about his transfer?

5. What does Crenshaw say to the Vet to make him stop “showing off”?

6. How does the narrator feel when Crenshaw and the Vet transfer to another bus?

7. What disturbing experience does the narrator have in the subway soon after arriving in New York City?

8. Along with the revelation that blacks in Harlem have jobs and economic power, what specific...

(The entire section is 408 words.)