Chapter 3 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Whose car does the narrator claim to be driving, in order to get the veterans out of the way?

2. Why does Halley refuse to give or sell the narrator a drink?

3. Who does Sylvester claim that Mr. Norton was?

4. What kind of alcohol is given to Mr. Norton?

5. In his excitement, what does the narrator have an urge to do when he sees Supercargo being beaten?

6. Why does the vet send the narrator out of the room where he is treating Mr. Norton?

7. Where did the vet receive his medical training?

8. What surprises Mr. Norton about the vet’s medical knowledge?

9. How does Mr. Norton summarize the man who had tended his condition?

10. Do the narrator and Mr. Norton have any difficulties upon leaving the Golden Day?

1. In order to get the veterans out of the road, the narrator claims that he has General Pershing in the car.

2. Halley refuses to allow the narrator to bring a drink outside because there are some people who are trying to shut his place down, he says.

3. As he helps bring Mr. Norton into the Golden Day, Sylvester claims that Mr. Norton is the former’s grandfather.

4. Mr. Norton is given a drink from Halley’s private brandy stock.

5. When he sees Supercargo being beaten, the narrator felt such a feeling of excitement that he wants to join in.

6. The vet sends the narrator out of the room to get a glass of water.

7. The vet received his medical training in France.

8. Mr. Norton is surprised to find that the vet reached the same diagnosis as the former’s own specialist.

9. Mr. Norton says that “the man is as insane as all the rest.”

10. Yes, the narrator and Mr. Norton do have some difficulty in leaving the Golden Day. First, Edna says that she doesn’t want “white folks” to leave. Then Mr. Norton falls once again, scraping his head on the screen door.

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