Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Charles (Chick) Mallison

Charles (Chick) Mallison, a sixteen-year-old boy. While hunting with two companions, he falls through the ice and is taken home by an old black man, Lucas Beauchamp, to dry out and have some food. All offers of payment are refused by Lucas, leaving Chick with an unpaid obligation on his conscience. When Lucas is accused of murder, Chick goes to the old man’s assistance and helps to prove his innocence. He feels himself free of his debt until Lucas appears and insists on paying for services rendered.

Lucas Beauchamp

Lucas Beauchamp, an old black man. When he takes Chick Mallison home after an accident, he proudly refuses payment for his hospitality and puts the boy in his debt. Later, when Lucas is falsely accused of murder, he is assisted by Chick, who believes he has evened the score until the old man comes to pay for services rendered. When Lucas’ two dollars are accepted for “expenses,” he demands a receipt.

Gavin Stevens

Gavin Stevens, Chick Mallison’s uncle and the lawyer for Lucas Beauchamp.

Aleck Sander

Aleck Sander, Chick Mallison’s young black friend and companion in his efforts to prove Lucas Beauchamp’s innocence.

Miss Habersham

Miss Habersham, an old woman of good family who assists Chick Mallison and Aleck Sander in their efforts on behalf of Lucas Beauchamp.

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton, the sheriff.

Crawford Gowrie

Crawford Gowrie, the murderer, the proof of whose guilt saves the falsely accused Lucas Beauchamp from the violence of a mob.