Intruder in the Dust

by William Faulkner

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Charles "Chick" Mallison

Charles Mallison, known as Chick, is a sixteen-year-old white boy. A winter accident leads to his rescue by a black man, Lucas Beauchamp, who takes Chick to his home. Chick continues to feel shame over having an unpaid debt to Lucas, who is accused of murder four years later.

Chick's compassion for Beauchamp is mixed with his impatience at the elderly man's refusal to kowtow to whites. Much of the novel is concerned with Chick's efforts to help prove the elderly man's innocence—even if it means digging up a corpse—and keeping him from being lynched by the victim's relatives. Chick therefore learns that a debt is not easily repaid.

Lucas Beauchamp

Lucas Beauchamp is an elderly African American man who rescues Chick Mallison before the events of the novel take place. As one of his forebears was a white plantation owner, he is distantly related to the Mallisons. Beauchamp is erroneously accused of murdering a poor white man named Vinson Gowrie. He is ultimately exonerated, thanks in part to Chick's assistance. His pride and unwillingness to be in debt to the young man compels him to match every effort Chick makes at repayment.

Gavin Stevens

Gavin Stevens is Chick's uncle. Although he passionately supports justice, he is initially unconvinced that it could be secured for a black man in Mississippi. Won over by the urging of Chick and Miss Habersham, he overcomes his initial reluctance and serves as Beauchamp's defense attorney.

Aleck Sander

Aleck Sander, an African American boy, is one of Chick's friends. He participates in the quest for justice for Beauchamp.

Miss Habersham

Miss Habersham, a 70-year-old white woman from an elite family, grew up with Lucas's wife, Molly, who had died before the events of the novel take place. Molly's mother had been Miss Habersham's wet-nurse and raised the girls together. She works with Chick and Aleck on Lucas's behalf, including helping to persuade Gavin to take the case.

Crawford Gowrie

Crawford Gowrie is the actual murderer—both of his own brother, Vinson, and of Jake Montgomery, who had knowledge of Crawford's reasons for the crime. Crawford's mix-up of their corpses provides crucial evidence to exonerate Beauchamp. He kills himself in jail.

Hope Hampton

Hope Hampton is the sheriff whom the boys persuade to reconsider the evidence after finding Montgomery in Vinson's coffin when they dig up the grave.

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